This is the ideal first step to figuring out how to up-level your business. We’ll put your company through our signature 3-step process, and develop the perfect next step plan to meet the needs of your growing business.

our unique discovery process


Analyze your online presence

To develop a thorough digital marketing strategy, we will start with your business goals and overall expectations. We’ll look at the demographics of your target audience and your social media activity. And we will dig into the structure of your website, paying close attention to these key indicators:

  • user interface, user experience, that your offer is clear and easy for ppl to buy
  • how you compare against your competitors, how you rank/compare against others in your niche/industry
  • how many visitors your site gets
  • how high your home page ranks in search engine results page (SERP)

Together, we’ll define what you want most from your marketing campaign: more traffic, ideal traffic, showing up earlier in search results, etc.

Identify your competition

Knowing who your biggest online competitors are is a critical step in reaching your own goals. We’ll investigate several of the companies that have higher keyword positions than you.

We need to discover what SEO techniques and strategies they have used to get the top spots because we want to take advantage of all the opportunities they may have left open.

Create your strategy

There are many SEO marketing techniques. Your strategy may include:

  • link building campaigns
  • pay-per-click
  • social network integration
  • original content writing

Together, we will determine which techniques are the best for your business and detail the steps you need to take to put them into effect on your website.

it’s good business sense

Keeping the discovery process separate from the solution makes good sense. You won’t be buying a marketing plan on good faith and crossed fingers. You’ll know exactly what you will get – and how much it will cost – with no surprises. That’s a smart move on your part.

The benefit for us:  we get the pleasure of working with clients who understand the level of time and involvement needed to move forward.

Once the discovery process is complete, we present our strategy to you and it is yours to keep.

You can have us implement the changes (and we hope you do!) but you may also choose to do-it-yourself or give it to another service provider to implement for you.

If you choose us, the Discovery fee is applied towards your new website or DIY strategy.