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At Uyo Digital Marketing, we understand the many different categories of clients. Having a new business doesn’t necessarily mean you’re new at business. And some clients who have an established business are new at modern tech or may struggle with cash flow. We want to meet the client where they are and give them the help they need.

This is precisely why each SEO solution and every website development package is always 100% custom to the client.

Website Development


Whether you’re a brand-new business just starting out, or have already been at it for a while, we offer online business solutions custom-tailored to meet your goals.

Ongoing Maintenance


Rest easy knowing your website is being managed. Select one of our maintenance packages and get security, software updates, backups, and more.

SEO Audit/Repair


A stellar user experience gets you more conversion and online visibility. We’ll evaluate how well your site stacks up against SEO best practices — and we can get you up to par.

What you’ll get when you work with us

We take the time to understand what is it you do for your clients, and what your website needs to do for you.


Specific to You

Every website we create is custom to the business it represents. We do not believe in the cookie-cutter approach. All elements from branding to design are as unique as your business.

Mobile Optimized

Today’s on-the-go lifestyles demand that your website is both appealing to the eye and work equally well across device sizes. functional. We’ll make sure your site meets the standard.


All of the websites we develop are secure, optimized for speed and work with all recent device sizes and browsers. “We love slow loading websites”, said absolutely no one, ever.

A La Carte Services

for WordPress Websites

Mini Website Audit + Basic SEO Tune Up

Newer business often don’t have the budget for ongoing SEO. We offer several SEO services that can spruce up your site now, and start driving more traffic to your site right away. We’ll perform a basic audit and fix your most critical SEO issues.

The Basic SEO Tune Up includes:

  • Website Coding Errors
  • Image Optimization & “Alt-text” added
  • Identify Broken Links
  • Create a custom 404 Error Page
  • Locate Duplicate Content
  • Meta Title / Description / Keywords
  • XML Site Map
  • Robots Text file
  • How your site looks on mobile devices

Access Needed

Google Analytics Access

If you have Google Analytics set up on your current site, please add me as a user to your profile. This allows me to review the necessary items in your account.

Google Search Console Access

If you have a Google Search Console set up on your current site, you’ll add me as a user there also. Then I can review historical data about your website.

Website Login and Hosting Access

I will need access to your website to review its internal structure and access to the hosting account to investigate your server set-up.

Page Speed Optimization

Page speed optimization is a vital SEO strategy that many people overlook. If your website doesn’t load quickly, your visitors won’t stick around to see your content. Google currently recommends that each page on your site loads within five seconds.

Once you’ve had our Page Speed Tune Up, you’ll notice a lower bounce rate and higher scores for time-on-page. These will often translate to more conversions and more revenue. We’ll make sure your site is fast enough to keep users interested by eliminating the most popular culprits:


  • Large and/or uncompressed images
  • Your host and hosting plan
  • Your theme is out-of-date
  • Plugins, apps, and widgets, any third-party scripts
  • Type of servers your site is on
  • Database cluttered with large files
  • Old, inefficient code should be removed
  • Redirects have not been set up
  • Not using a Content Delivery Network (CDN)
UYO Page Speed Opt

SEO Accessibility

Improving your website’s accessibility will make your content available to more people, and it can also help your SEO.

Accessibility is one of the metrics Google’s Lighthouse tool checks, along with other measurements, to judge your web page quality. Making your web pages accessible to everyone makes Google rank your pages higher, and boosts your chances of being found in search. Here is what we check:

  • Mobile Accessibility
  • Color Contrast – ensure that all text is legible
  • Non-text content and alt-image text
  • User Experience – make navigation easier and consistent across devices
  • Page Title and Language
  • Abbreviations explained
  • Mobile Accessibility
  • Color Contrast – ensure that all text is legible
  • Non-text content and alt-image text
  • User Experience – make navigation easier and consistent across devices
  • Page Title and Language
  • Abbreviations explained

Google My Business (GMB)


GMB is an essential tool for companies looking to get more local customers. It maximizes your visibility on Google, increases your leads, and drives more traffic to your website or physical storefront. We will build a GMB account for your Business Profile if you don’t already have one. If you do, we’ll optimize the one you have.

Optimizing for Google is basically optimizing for actual humans doing online searches. Both respond to the same three things: your targeting, the quality of information on your site, and your perceived level of trust.

  • Set up, claim and verify your listing
  • Update your hours, promotions, Covid-19 policy, etc.
  • Reputation management
  • Add original content to your site: featured images & new blog posts



A secure website is not only good for your business, it makes your visitors feel secure. They want to see the little padlock next to your URL. And it’s vital that your site be secure if you are collecting personal information or taking online payments. We will check for:


  • SSL certificate installation and HTTPS enforce
  • Site is not in development mode
  • Privacy policy, cookie policy and Terms & Conditions in place
  • Automated backups are being done
  • Protected input forms (reCAPTCHA)
  • Secure passwords
  • Known malware, malicious code, viruses
  • Blacklisted status
  • Website errors (like Page Not Found)
  • Out-of-date, potentially insecure,  software

We work outside of the box. We can create a site with any advanced features or custom coding that you need.  Uyo Digital Marketing can take your website from simple to extraordinary.