DIY Your Content With this easy

SEO Tool Kit!


Evergreen content is vital to grow your traffic online. You don’t have to be a pro to create amazing content. This is a great find if you…

      • Are unable to invest in done for you SEO.
      • Have been writing blogs without little ROI.
      • Want to attract qualified leads that are the right fit.

This resources is loaded with the same tools professionals use to fulfill service orders.

The Key to getting found

Your website being published isn’t enough, and you know that. So, what are the big brands doing that make it so easy to make search engines happy? Is it site visits? Yes, but not entirely. A small freelance brand can show up before a big brand. But how? 


Producing Content

Search engines have one job. To provide answer to the questions users are asking with as little fluff as possible. If your website is the resources that will get their users the answers, then they will suggest your site over the big name site.


Optimize your site to build your authority for the future. This results in sustainable gains. Find your industries keywords and use them strategically when you add images, blogs, and freebies.

Web designer completing website maintenance tasks

Why Keyword research matters

What is the benefit of traffic if it’s not your ideal client. Who arrives on you website matters. Keyword research helps you connect with the right audience. 

    • Increased buyer intent
    • Decrease your bounce rate
    • Help grow your services to your current customers.
    • Builds your authority in the industry

Content is Key But it shouldn’t be hard!

Using this toolkit will give you the edge you’ve been searching for to help you stand out online. It will be easy to write content once you know how to speak their language.